Paris Menswear 2010
styledcloth report.

My first time at Paris fashion week was a great experience. Notable shows embedded in my mind include Kenzo, Walter Van Beirendonck and Dries Van Noten. Each of which produced an atmosphere to go with their collection rather than just some men walking around a room. Disappointing for me was Damir Doma. But the organisation of the show meant that I was in a severely bad mood when I saw the collection.

Louis Vuitton and Miharayasushiro produced amazing music, both blending classical music (live violinist at Mihara) with funky electro, both overlayed on top of each other, out of sync but totally relevant to the show.

Fashion design wise, Walter Van Beirendonck really made a huge impression on me. The freedom and fun that he's had can be felt through the collection and it made the show a whole lot more enjoyable. That would be the type of label that would love to represent. For too long have the 'fashionable' taken themselves far too seriously.
I believe I was one of very few at all of the shows I visited to be wearing anything other than black. And I was severely disappointed by this. Yes I agree it shows a level of sophistication that cannot be achieved by the more vibrant and brighter colours but I'm 20 years old. I don't need to be sophisticated. Have I run out of fun already? I'm not ready to dress like I'm 40. It's sad that other just-post-teens do.

Yes, in the past it has been regular for the young to dress as their mature versions do but we're in the 20-10's! Isn't rebellion everything now? I felt that the sense of anarchy had been lost this year with only Walter bursting the bubble.

Of the shows I saw (LV, Yurkievich, Smalto, Dries, Julius, Vibskov, Blaak, Beirendonck, Saberi, Kenzo, Dunhill and Damir Doma), Dries really showed their creativity. Walkie talkie music, moving spotlights, corridor catwalk and a great venue all contributed to an unforgettable show. The collection however was interesting, aside from the visible shoulder pads and the bright blue striped apparel, the clothes were very wearable consisting of a very Dries beige and navy. Each outfit was quite minimalistic and occasionally casual.

At Kenzo's show, the models serenaded the beautiful roundabout after the show just outside their flagship store where the show took place, they hired retro cars and a vintage bus to collect the models. Inside at the show the organisation was fantastic and very professional. They even gave umbrellas to those show visitors. I thought this was an extremely considerate touch (to which I give full credit to the intern that ran to the local store). Definitely raised my opinion of their usually quite reserved collections. This season it continued to keep with the japanese fabric style with french elegance. Difficult to go wrong but some looks I really enjoyed.


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