Alessandro Dell Acqua, Duckie Brown, Belstaff, Attachment. What I'd be wearing this Winter.

Dell Acqua's outfit provides a fresh take on the schoolboy smart. Carefully placed grey accents on the jacket make it beautifully modern. The soft silhouette, larger shirt lapels and slim tie combine to create a great look, but the beige knit finishes it and subtly keeps the outfit unique. Reminds me of Burberry from the previous Summer.
Duckie Brown on the other hand provides almost a futuristic push on a strong silhouette. The trouser have a ribbed detail providing a break from the normal flatness. The gloves are a key piece here, slightly pointed and high up the forearm. A great masculine accessory. The knit top carefully avoids any connections to terrorists and the styling keeps the look young.
Belstaff's sophisticated outfit would go great on the broader man. The palette is wonderfully modern on this more traditionally inspired design. The kneepads add a touch of mystery, but must be worn carefully, if not in proportion it may take over and it looks best slightly camouflaged under the great browns which give the impressive of wealth. A luxury leathery look.
Attachment bring the Japanese element into modern high fashion. Producing highly inventive shapes and cuts, they achieve a wonderful blend between the smart and casual. This great combination of layers makes the outfit look extremely warm. I love lower necklines, and to have managed to create this illusion whilst keeping warm is an achievement in itself. I'd love to own any of these pieces.


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